Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kindness breaks my heart

after a rough day, my boss took a break and went off to do errands. He stopped a local Small chocolate/confectioner factory/shop, and picked up three pieces of delicacy to cheer me up.

I almost cried at his kindness, except, two months ago, I stopped there myself, to check on gluten free options...
Oaks, does not have anything gluten free.
they dust the surfaces for everything they prepare, with white flour!

I graciously explained that he had been so truly kind and gratefully thought he was fabulous, but even though I wouldn't eat them, I couldn't accept due to them being so truly tempting.
I felt awful. truly awful, and yet grateful.
What dos a girl do to be gracious? I could have accepted them, but then I would have had contaminated candy, deliciously tempting me.. and god knows, I was stressed... there are moments of weakness that leave me stupid...