Friday, April 16, 2010

I am looking forward to the New Cookbook release are you

I enjoy the gluten free girl [shauna] and her husband the chef [danny].
I find their blogging about life, ACTUALLY blogging about life and food, but also about loving life and loving food and not allowing food to be an enemy, but actually embracing food as one of your best friends that is healthy.

I even got in on the debate of what the cover should be, (with an answer or two responding to my comments... FROM SHAUNA) so...
Let me say this, the cover makes me drool, and the idea of a cookbook that I am going to love and no substitutions and beautiful artwork without just black and white print.... yeah.
Lovin' it.. how about you?
Now i have to add it to every wishlist ever so that I can hopefully get a surprise gift, or a great deal when I earn a gift card.

Here you go.