Monday, October 21, 2013

The Militant Baker: MY EXCUSE? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED.

The Militant Baker: MY EXCUSE? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED.: By now, we've all seen the fitspiration mom of the year who "unknowingly" unleashed all kinds of fat shaming rage across ...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

when you get the time to detox... wait get the time? When does that happen?!?! make it happen make it through

Getting "glutened", "dosed", "doused", "spelled by the wheat Gods".... sigh, however creative your description of the toxic time after ingesting gluten.... the timeframe SUCKS ROCKS!!! 
speaking of rocks...
This is something to think about.
When not well, how about knowing that you are going to have to be proactive and not just wait it out, but work hard to find health again. Sure, some of it is the waiting game, but truth is, you can assist your body in finding balance sooner. so Work through it with some great self care.
Here is one time honored tip.
Make the time to take the time! 

This post here has a great reflexology tip to help you get on your way....
Best EOs for Swollen Ankles, Legs & Feet

Try it out.. let me know what you think

something refreshing to drink?

today it is seltzer and apricot juice, but what about those days you want something more?

How To Make Flavored Iced Teas Of All Kinds

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Food... more things nut butter makes BETTER!!!!

I recently found a delicacy of kale chips. Yes, KALE chips that are sooooo addictive.
Here is the company and yes,

I was reticent to pay 5:59 a bag, to be eating so much and so many. So I ruminated the ingredients... and walla!  I had such a delicious dinner whipped up in no time for my downtime Sunday evening meal. I was inspired to utilize the kale from the farmer's market, the brussel sprouts, the red and white young onions, and the new flavor of the kale chips... I was only missing the Hibiscus flower essence... but that would have to wait. Maybe next time.. In the meantime,
Kick Butt Cashew Kale

One frying pan full of Kale
10 brussel sprouts... (no idea why 10..but it seemed anymore and the kale would surcome to brussel sprouts)
sauteed new onions 1 cup
avocado oil
1 bunch baby bok choy

throw it in and only "sauteed until it sweats and wilts.".... no need to cook it until the nutrients are gone.

3 slices prosciutto - add the last few seconds... you want it to warm up, but not cook and become tough.

while awaiting the lovely greens to wilt and steam...

Kick Butt Cashew Kale.
I like mixing in small mason jars so that I can see if I got everything in the bottom incorporated. So... mix it up!
- 2 tablespoons of cashew butter
- 2 teaspoons black pepper
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
- 1 dash cumin
-  1 small dash garlic
- avacado oil or more lemon juice to the make the consistency of your sauce...
I wanted a pasty type sauce to dip my forkful... but the next time, I will probably try it with more liquid.
I remind you , and as for the prosciutto, add it for the last 30 seconds to get warm.. but that is all it don't want to really cook it as it shrinks and gets tough.
Of course, for dessert, I could make my  luscious 60 second Black Forest Mug Cake... I could make the Four Ingredient Cookies or DOOM, I wish I had found this link earlier.. there are some fine ideas to be had... but I think we can agree, almond butter or cashew butter would be a great replacement since I don't eat peanut butter.
What do you think... Should I add a flare even more by making chocolate double layer inside out nut butter cups?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Penguins: Here are some cute, little, waddling penguins for your homepage.
I am sharing something completely different as sometimes it isn't about gluten or Madagascar, or beer... or bread... but simply something to amuse you for a few seconds.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


WE ALL HEAR IT AT WORK, IN SOCIAL GATHERINGS... Once people find out you have food allergies or gluten intolerance, they start in linke a 2 year old with a little curiousity and no desire to hear the answer.
No that isn't true... you may feel they aren't listening, they are just overwhelmed, like you were... only they don't pay the consequence of suffering exposure.

Remember you can educate, and you can re-educate, but never fear that you will upset someone by turning down food that likely will make you sick from not knowing the ingredients or worse, they just don't understand gluten-FREE....

today's challenge...
you can have wasabi peas.
This gracious and simple person was thinking... two ingredient snack... how awesome! I found something the HR person can share.
Wrong.. they are gluten and wasabi coated peas.  Wheat is used to paste the wasabi to the pea! Sigh...

so, just reminding you... sometimes thy mean well.  Honest!