Thursday, March 7, 2013


WE ALL HEAR IT AT WORK, IN SOCIAL GATHERINGS... Once people find out you have food allergies or gluten intolerance, they start in linke a 2 year old with a little curiousity and no desire to hear the answer.
No that isn't true... you may feel they aren't listening, they are just overwhelmed, like you were... only they don't pay the consequence of suffering exposure.

Remember you can educate, and you can re-educate, but never fear that you will upset someone by turning down food that likely will make you sick from not knowing the ingredients or worse, they just don't understand gluten-FREE....

today's challenge...
you can have wasabi peas.
This gracious and simple person was thinking... two ingredient snack... how awesome! I found something the HR person can share.
Wrong.. they are gluten and wasabi coated peas.  Wheat is used to paste the wasabi to the pea! Sigh...

so, just reminding you... sometimes thy mean well.  Honest!