Monday, February 8, 2010

simple lunch

Sometimes it is simple to be Gluten Free, but cooking a meal for one can be a challenge, so once in awhile a new pot, pan or recipe is great to liven things up.
Here, I use my new Asian themed plates to dish up a burgundy beef steak (broiled burgundy and soy sauce with garlic, salt, pepper) to compliment the yellow and green beans, that mix nicely with the sauteed baby carrots.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FRAUD - regular bread sold as GLUTEN FREE...

court is in session.
North Carolina bakery owner Paul Selig is facing criminal felony charges
he sold gluten-free food - bread that were just repackaged regularly +5,000 parts per million gluten.
The rule is 20ppm be the max, 20...
So here you go..
NBC reports

Wake County Story

Story Highlights
  • Judge orders business to close for 10 days.
  • Department of Agriculture said many people got sick after eating the bread.

Local Bakery Closes After Gluten Is Found In ‘Gluten-Free’ Bread Claim