Wednesday, August 7, 2013

when you get the time to detox... wait get the time? When does that happen?!?! make it happen make it through

Getting "glutened", "dosed", "doused", "spelled by the wheat Gods".... sigh, however creative your description of the toxic time after ingesting gluten.... the timeframe SUCKS ROCKS!!! 
speaking of rocks...
This is something to think about.
When not well, how about knowing that you are going to have to be proactive and not just wait it out, but work hard to find health again. Sure, some of it is the waiting game, but truth is, you can assist your body in finding balance sooner. so Work through it with some great self care.
Here is one time honored tip.
Make the time to take the time! 

This post here has a great reflexology tip to help you get on your way....
Best EOs for Swollen Ankles, Legs & Feet

Try it out.. let me know what you think

something refreshing to drink?

today it is seltzer and apricot juice, but what about those days you want something more?

How To Make Flavored Iced Teas Of All Kinds