Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day - Remembering those before us, cooking out/BBQ/grilling

Memorial Day weekend. A 3 day weekend where the cassarole dishes come out, the family salad recipes flourish, and the Grill gets lovingly shined up for the Grill or slower BBQ tasty family meals.
Gluten free can be a challenge and let me tell you, it has been a while since I stepped onto someone's patio and felt safe to eat off the grill. I always brought two dishes and a few tupperware dishes of each for myself. I just knew someone would loose the spoon and "just take a dollop" with the asian noodle spoon, or stick the mustard/ketchup nozzle right into that gluteny bun, so the ketchup istelf was gluten free, but the bottle nozzle is now GLUTENED.
bring your own picnic basket and know the grill isn't safe. Buns are grilled, sauces aren't scraped off, and simply put, if you make nummy food early for yourself, or bring your own little smokey joe, you can share with everyone else.
Here is a recipe that helped me remember the simplicity of grilling is a joy, and you too can do this on a baby grill, enough for you and a few.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

GRAVY.. another thing that is hard to come by at the friend's family or other NON-gluten-free house hold

The man who cooks for me, has tried several recipes for gravy for beef or chicken or turkey, and none even the packages we tried, have come as close to awesome, as this stuff.
The savory Herb just takes water.
One cup of water, a little sauce pan and some heat, while whisking away.. and you have TRULY SAVORY gravy. It was soooooo Good.
Road's End ORganics Gluten free Quick Gravy
distributed by Edward & Sons Trding Co., Inc.
PO Box 1326,
Carpinteria, Ca 93014 USA

It is:
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Casein Free
of course also Wheat Free
Certified Organic
Product of USA
So it is Super Awesome and you should try dumplings, or turkey and kinnnicinc Sage stuffing with it.

gluten free soup Progresso Soup figured it out

It isn't suprising that one of the things I missed when going gluten free, was the ease of going to the grocery store, picking up some hearty heart warming soup and then stocking the pantry for the hard days that needed soup to finish them off.
Soup... it is for the soup, the brain to melt from the cold, and the heart to warm from whatever roughness the person had to take from the day.

So progresso does a great job of making a great soup. But they just weren't gluten free, so I passed them in the aisle and never looked back for fear of turning into a pillar of salt, or some such thing.

Last week, my boyfriend so kindly brought to me Cream of Mushroom, New England Clam chowder, corn chowder, and a lovely cheesy broccoli and potato soup. When he pulled the cans out of the bag, I sighed in envy knowing he was stocking my pantry, and these were probably for him. Much to my surprise, these were all purchased for me to taste test, and grade on if we would be return customers.
Well doggone if these weren't the real deal, as I remember them growing up. Delicious, nutritious and again soup is easy to have a serving size, or "cook with a can of cream of mushroom soup".

What a gift.
So there you have it, a can of Progresso is back on the menu at the Quincidence Kitchen Gluten Free household.
Southwestern Style Chicken Chowder Chicken Rice with Vegetables
Chicken Cheese Enchilada Flavor Manhattan Clam Chowder
New England Clam Chowder Potato Broccoli & Cheese Chowder
99% Fat Free New England Clam Chowder