Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celiac Awareness Day. September 13, 2011

did I miss the boat? yeah, I guess with the blog being about dealing with and being a celiac, I should have posted. I was instead, preoccupied with many endeavors, including sewing a new pocket for my BRAND NEW NOOK, and reading and reading and reading.
I battled a headache that was spurred on by the wildfires of Minnesota, and the smell reaching the middle of Wisconsin. WOW, it smelled like smoked fish and sausages being grilled at the house next door. It was wildfires, and barometers going nuts.

So in apologizing for the remiss post, let us read something that made my heart practically cry and seize at the same time. A narrative and story in Living Without Magazine. I love this magazine as it really does make a person with Celiac lifestyles, challenges, and HOPES!

In college, I suffered debilitating dizzy spells, spitting up blood, bloating, passing out, and horrible cramps. But I told people only that I thought I had the flu, AGAIN. Here, here is a story that made me cry... you too might find it useful.
Living Without Magazine article Link

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Greek Yogurt Post

The Best Plain Greek Yogurt: Our Taste Test Results

you need to check out the results. Fage is really some great stuff. I was religious as food religious can be with brand due to a few tries of a few greek yogurts.. and this brand is double hand tied for #1 spot. Delicious, nutritious, and truly worth the cooking dexterity.

Sunday, September 4, 2011