Monday, June 8, 2009

Kombucha tea

OH that did not work for me!
Fermented in a way that I never thought possible.  It tasted like the bottle had been left out in the back alley for a hobo to get drunk on..
Why would I ever put my taste buds through that again?


  1. Surely the reference is easily understood to mean, the bottle was left out for someone who wasn't worried about the fragrance or texture, nose or bouquet of the bottle, just how numb or warm it could get them.
    Possibly a smelly backwater slushy does come to mind. Honestly, it is a reference to having left out a bottle of alcohol for someone that is just seeking to numb themselves. Of course, there are several homeless that are not hobos. I concede that. There are also lots of homeless that aren't alcoholics. Simply put, that Kombucha tea was not for the feint of heart and certainly...