Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day - Remembering those before us, cooking out/BBQ/grilling

Memorial Day weekend. A 3 day weekend where the cassarole dishes come out, the family salad recipes flourish, and the Grill gets lovingly shined up for the Grill or slower BBQ tasty family meals.
Gluten free can be a challenge and let me tell you, it has been a while since I stepped onto someone's patio and felt safe to eat off the grill. I always brought two dishes and a few tupperware dishes of each for myself. I just knew someone would loose the spoon and "just take a dollop" with the asian noodle spoon, or stick the mustard/ketchup nozzle right into that gluteny bun, so the ketchup istelf was gluten free, but the bottle nozzle is now GLUTENED.
bring your own picnic basket and know the grill isn't safe. Buns are grilled, sauces aren't scraped off, and simply put, if you make nummy food early for yourself, or bring your own little smokey joe, you can share with everyone else.
Here is a recipe that helped me remember the simplicity of grilling is a joy, and you too can do this on a baby grill, enough for you and a few.

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