Thursday, September 20, 2012

But how do you find food when you are allergic to so much?~

I do experience the preverbial "sick-n-tired" of hearing "but where/what do you eat then", or "where do you find food you CAN eat?!?"
Somehow, with a waist that is larger than size 8... I don't lack proof that I consume calories. I do keep a Gluten Free Diet, as well as a dairy free and nightshade free life.
So... there are limitations on social food gatherings... but there are also some great opportunities for being creative - cause if I want to see my friends and have a cook out.. I better figure out how to be ready when they call.

What have I missed?  Well first let me say....I am from WISCONSIN... Beer/Cheese/BRATS.. these are staples of the summer diet.
So .... when when last fall I went nightshade free... I sighed plaintively that I would really miss brats.
Gilberts Gluten-Free Beer Brat (New Grist)
Of course, last year before going dairy/nightshade free, I met the gentleman that MAKES and is owner of a sausage maker that is local. He has gluten free, but couldn't answer all the questions I was seeking right then and there.
  • They individually wrap (which means I can take them to work and put them in the microwave and they aren't exposed to the unclean communal microwave issues of cross contamination.
  • They are gluten free!
  • They have gourmet flavors.
  • The make a GLUTEN FREE BEER BRAT with New Grist beer!  Yes folks, you heard right.... gluten free beer used to make a gluten free brat!
  • They have no peppers for spices or flavoring!
  • They aren't your spiced up brat, but since I found GF/DF/NF mustard... I get to have a fantastic treat that isn't the best food in the word... but is comfort food and thus is a little something given back to me.
  • Price?  4 brats are less than $4.
So.. they are milk in flavor, but tasty. Convenient yet still free of all the things that steal my quality of life.  I gain a great product and now you do to.
Who are they?

gilberts sausages link

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