Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick and Easy Hearty Vegtable stew Gluten Free - Frying pan style

1 package rice shell macaroni
1/2 baked butternut squash - normal size
3 oz cheddar, Monterrey Jack, or Pepper Jack cheese
4 -5 small zucchinis. circumference the same as maybe a half dollar

  1. Boil pasta and let drain. I always add the rice pasta to the cold unboiling water to give it a head start, I find it usually increases my perfect soft al dente pasta or to your liking. Otherwise the pasta stays starchy and firm in the middle too long.
  2. Saute the zucchini until tender but still firm. I used canola oil to saute then added some of the pasta water to the frying pan to help steam the zucchini.
  3. Be sure the baked squash is cut in 1 inch cubes or country style broken apart to bite sized pieces. I am using half a squash from my previous dish.
  4. with the zucchini softened and almost ready to serve, top with butternut squash squares, 1/4 inch chuncks or rectangle chunks of cheese.
  5. Put a lid back on for it to steam all vegetables for a bit longer in the pasta broth, while the cheese sweats and melts.
  6. Can be served in the frying pan for adults, or cut with a spatula and served in stew bowls.
  7. Top with Italian seasonings, capers, green olives, grated Parmesan cheese, or even Romano cheese.
This can also be baked if one desires, but I find the frying pan helps soften and yet leave firm the zucchini which can so easily turn to Italian vegetable soup mush.

If you are looking to make this dish with added meat, you may add a can of tunafish at the end of number 5.

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