Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Celiac at a rummage sale

What is more exciting than finding a great antique chaffing dish fo $1.00 at a garage/rummage sale? The disappointment of realizing that gluten free really does mean for me, that dish will never serve my food. I can't stress enough that gluten free risk is usually a betting man's upper hand. It is simple, thee was stuffing or sauce or something vital gluten put in that dish, and the healthier and more long-term gluten free you become, the less you tolerate gluten. So I don't use Grandma's China, or Great Aunt Elizabeth's gravy boat for food. I found ways to store things in them that assure me the joy of the memories of childhood dinners, such as a wrapped candy dish for the gravy boat, or floating candles in the water of a chaffing dish, an awesome use for a tea cup that was handed down? I planted miniature Thyme plants in two, and they are loved often.

So, second hand tupperware is not such a deal anymore, maybe start a Target Wishlist, or amazon account for the new stuff that you will want. Make sure to pass on the dinnerware set to someone in need, I put mine up to freecycle and requested any social workers that were dealing with a displaced family, contact me. After the floods I go to give a family dishes, pots and pans. HOW COOL IS THAT?

So remember as much as I love, and rummage and reduce, reuse, recycle, I have to go with the 4th R, respecting my body over my emotions of a cute dinner setting I go a great deal on.


  1. China? I hadn't had a problem with that being contaminated. I thought it was supposed to be safe? Just plastic and anything porous like wood. :/ Did you get hit by it at some point?

  2. In fact, china can be very porous. You can scrub and scrub, but truly enough risk is already in my life. I figure there is no need for 2nd hand tag along gluten.