Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Life a new you?

I started this blog for a few reasons.
I will talk a bit about my professional life.
I will talk a bit about my life as a Celiac.

I want to give people the 5 r's of Celiac disease and a little bit about my life.

I will commonly use one or more of these five labels in my postings.

Recipes: the Celiac and their friends/family are always looking for traditional or other options.

Resources: Where and how I got my information.

Reliable Sites: I found alot of useful information, but sometimes, I found the information just doesn't make sense or it was unreliable, so I will post about both the reliable and what I trust, as well as sites I have found that I don't agree with, nor trust.

Research: Forward movement in healing and possible if ever cures.

Referrals: sometimes I refer you, the reader to another great source of information because I just found a gold mine!

Remember, please, I respect that not every Celiac is the same, and truly, I expect the same from you. I will try to give healthy information with ethical decisions and choices. I plan on this being a place of healing and undoing the chains of frustration. Respect that intent.

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