Thursday, June 5, 2008

company courtesy

Something I never got used to, was how much those without allergies or intolerances of food, are so intolerant.

I work in the medical field and still, I hear, the only lunch I am buying, since I can't be hassled with something else, is Subway.

Yes, my boss knows this leaves me out. He knows I am celiac and he still insists that I am an inconvenience. He insists that I show up for lunch with them and bring my own to still be part of the team, since I am the senior member of the Marketing think tank.

So if this is your experience, you are not alone. You are not asking too much to have them make one more step to accommodate you. If they are buying lunch and you are willing to bring your own, it would stand to reason that you get reimbursed for the comparable cost of your meal.

So stand strong and don't hang your head. This behavior is too common and honestly, there are times that it is inconvenient to be Celiac but moreso, they would never want you to really join them in Wheaty-evil which could/would cost many sick days.

Think, is there a better way to do things? How do you solve the problem?

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