Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CPR - getting involved

Compression Only CPR - The Latest Info

Based on scientific evidence, the Red Cross supports “compression only” CPR as an acceptable alternative when a responder is . ..… untrained …… unwilling …... unable …... or unsure …… how to perform full CPR … cycles of chest compression AND rescue breathing.

The Red Cross & the AHA hope that compression only CPR will save lives by encouraging bystanders who witness a sudden collapse of an adult to get involved and have someone call 911 & start performing chest compressions until help arrives or the adult shows obvious signs of life: breathing & movement.

All Red Cross CPR classes will continue to teach rescue breathing.

The following individuals will still need to take training which includes BOTH chest compressions & rescue breathing:

- those who take CPR training for certification to meet State & Federal requirements;

- lay responders in the workplace who have a duty to respond; and

- those responsible for infants & children.

Source - http://foxriver.redcross.org/
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