Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oats - Gluten free remedies

One of my favorite treats as a child were the oatmeal cookies grandma made. She tried to make treats that were at least somewhat from good ingredients. Brown sugar instead of white sugar, sometimes honey and raisins. But my favorite? Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, with walnuts. LKarge walnut chucks!
I found a recipe that sounds delicious, and some sources of wheat free/gluten free oats.
for the cookies

and pulled from the gluten free girl website today, 6/2/08
The gluten-free awareness is now so much more enormous than even three years ago that we have a plethora of oats choices for us. Here are just some of them:

Gluten Free Oats - Bob's Red Mill

Laura Scudder's Oats Rolled Wheat And Gluten Free

Gluten-free Oats from Wyoming

Cream Hill Estates in Quebec, Canada

Gifts of Nature in Montana

Only Oats from Saskatchewan, Canada

I'm sure there are more. If you know of any other reliable growers, please let us all know in the comments.

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