Monday, January 18, 2010

Celiac Disease - The social ramifications of a flat mate or roommate

Have you separated the silverware, divided the cooking utensils and dissolved yourself of sharing the kitchen cutting boards? Good, because if they are using them for gluten products, the item is no longer worth using. BLEACH does not break down or lay gluten innert. So even if the cutting board or "bread knife" is used once... how sure are you that you got it clean.
Consider that the butter tub, (margarine), jams, jellies, may not be so selfish of you to claim personal and not communal.
The problem is often that you are trying to share in order to germinate a better and more sharing living environment, also refrigerator space is a hot commodity and two tubs of margarine, especially if you use the same kind, seems to lack sense. Think twice about labeling yourself selfish, but thrifty in that you won't have to only use it, if you opened it for the first time, and then hope or trust the other person didn't double-dip, or let a guest use it, which then really leaves things uncertain.

Be aware, know that it is indeed not selfish, but kind to disallow sharing in order to not have to hog the bathroom, or moan and groan of symptoms.
Be kind and rewind... I mean it.. rewind back to.. it is prudent to be safe and caring of yourself. Fly away guilt, for my food is to stay uncontaminated and I feel great knowing it will stay that way.


  1. It can be a big challenge. Maybe designating
    specific shelves in the refrigerator as mine or yours would make it a little easier. Label the
    cutting boards or use different colors. Squeeze
    bottles for condiments are helpful too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kathy. I like your suggestions.

    In a safe and family situation I wholeheartedly agree with color-coding and labeling. I have used the squeeze bottle with mixed results.

    The problem lies in when you add the variable of the non-family member, the drunk room mate's friends, or other outside boundaries....
    In this case in point, actually a squeeze bottle was a simple solution for mayonnaise, (avoid the double dipping) until it was found with crumbles on it and IN IT!
    Guess what happened, the person's boyfriend had separated out squeeze bottles for condiments, and when the BF's roommate ran out, he just "borrowed a little" from the BF. Which would have been fine, except he grabbed the bread, and put the tip of the squeeze bottle ON the bread to spread it around. Now the bottle is contaminated, and the suction of the bottle pulled crumbs of crust into the bottle non of the mayonnaise can be GF trusted.

    It is sad that such vigilance must be upheld. I post mainly because there are alot of people that aren't in a loving family situation, but have friends or flat mates that innocently do things to cause harm. I hope you don't mind that I finished or supplied the reasons for the squeeze bottle incident.

    It was innocent enough, but it was still the waste of the whole bottle.