Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grocery Store list vs. cost

I spent time carefully weighing my options.
I picked up the nice little package of my new favorite cookies.
I picked up the organic half&half for the coffee 3.89 for a full liter. I was disappointed the Cream line Dairy non-pasturized half&half was out. That stuff is delightful!
So I compromised for the liter of half&half, but made sure to pick up the blueberry, Vans gluten free waffles.
I picked up some boysenberry jam, since the grocery store carries a local brand, and I know it is safe.
A sweet potato for a lovely casserole later, some raspberries and a bag of apples to make my own stewed fruit, and some zucchinis for the deep dish casserole.
hmmm what else...
Reb bush tea, vine ripened tomotoes, some local makers sold in the store pickles (also super safe but not a national brand), and my one actual indulgence. GF stuffing made by kinnicinic. Man did I miss stuffing for years. I mean a few tines since 1999 I tried, but it was made of mediocre - not-worth-it product.

So when I got to the check out counter with my 12 items that came to $50 dollars. I wasn't surprised, but the woman behind me was. She blurted out. good god are those golden pickles or what? This is why I don't bu organic.
Then she realized how REALLY ruder her outburst had been.
I turned to the lady and smiled. Sure I could pick out less quality food, but in the end i would be sick and unhealthy from your white bread. I have food allergies and eating right doesn't always allow frequent luxury. Sometimes it requires choosing between what is available and what will nourish you.
--She stammered...but you hardly have two bags of groceries.....
Yes maam, but those two bags are all food that I can count on to keep me healthy, and certainly they are going to be delicious.

Her eyes fell to the floor, her scarlet cheeks still burning... "what you must think of me with my generic peanut butter, potato chips, little debbies and chex mix bags"

I gently smiled and laughed... if you were my friend we would shop together and make choices that were good for your budget and your body. But, in the end, you seem like an adult that can make choices for herself, and I assume the kids that those little debbies are for... since there seem to be adult cookies in the cart too?

her eyes lifted...
you know.. I am going to put these back... maybe I can find some real TREATS in the organic section. you are right, I like the food to be good, not just cheap.. Happy new year.

and she walked back to find something for herself... I assume truly FOR herself is the way to say it.

Happy New Year

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  1. I guess that my shopping isn't too bad then even if it across the puddle. But as I said before, quality foods are important :P