Friday, June 10, 2011

Gluten Free Product Recommendation - Aleia's Croutons

The Local Grocery store, Festival Foods, has rearranged. The demand for gluen free food is up and they are answering the call. So 500 new products are being added, and a full (not just some corner shelf) selection of Gluten Free baking and such goods is now together. Cookies, bread mikes, baking flours, cereals, breads, and CROUTONS!
Aleia's Croutons are amazingly delicious.
I made a salad yesterday and though I have gotten used to the gluten free life, in fact seldom do I wish for cake or croutons that I know I can't have, but I did lament for a second, that I had no crunchy croutons... so I added sunflower seed and that is when The Amazing Man got home. He had a surprise for me, two lovely baked items that made my day.
Aleia's croutons are herbed and have some parmesan cheese, butter and more to make them super crunchy and savory for the perfect salad completion!

The other thing of joy that was in the shopping bag?
Grandma Ferdon's Lemon Bars. (2 pack).
Both companies belong to the Celiac Sprue Association, and fully impress me.
I also like Grandma Ferdon's carrot cake. the cake and frosting together are a delight.

So now, you have the perfect salad ecoutrament!
and the perfect dessert to take with when you are going to a birthday party that might have cake of which you can not partake. Have cake with them... just bring a little piece for yourself and enjoy!

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