Monday, August 22, 2011

Gluten free over a decade Day 4 of Dairy-free, Nightsahde -free

When you restrict your diet more, you find more reasons to want to enjoy your food.
Arugula Delicious!

3* oz Arugala
1 Very Large Cucumber (peeled if it isn't organic)
1 Avocado
2 cups celery
1/2 cup Craisins
1/4 capers
1 can salmon. small would be better as this is not a salmon salad.

1 large salad bowl

1 small bowl for salad dressing
5 tblspn Grapeseed Veganaise (dairy free and no paprika)
2 tspn lemon juice
2 tspn juice from capers
1 dash garlic powder
1 dash Marjorum
1 dash Thyme
1 dash basil
DO NOT USE MRS DASH... it has nightshades in it, unless you are only going for gluten free, than dash away....

Obviously the large bowl requires the ingredients to be chopped so;
dice or chop celery into smaller than bit sized pieces,
the cucumber, I lengthwise halved, then sliced, then halved the semi-discs,
the Avocado you cut in half, and if you are looking for easy ways to get rid or extract the pit, try this **, then gently insert a butter knife and dice avocado flesh inside its shelf, invert shell over salad, and whalla.. easy and mess free.
toss in the Craisins
Crumble the salmon onto the salad terrain.

Dressing? Yes please
mix Veganaise, lemon juice and caper juice first... this thins it out a little bit, and makes it better for the rest of the ingredients to be tossed in and whipped up.

serve out the arugala onto plates, then top off with the nice chutney you just prepared.


*doesn't sound like much but remember 5 ounces is a tub that a roasted chicken could fit in... so don't fret, I am not making a small salad

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