Sunday, December 9, 2012

gluten free cocktail that sounds nummy - CHERRIES !!!!

So... I look forward to doing cocktails with the clan again.
Sometimes we are classic and we bring a few bottles of wine, and some little snick snacks.
Of course there are the men in kilt days... where the whiskey jug is smoothly and graciously passed.
So... what about the days that you are sitting down to a fire and really a bottle of beer isn't going to work, a Smith n' Kerns is delightful but possibly not right, and it isn't margarita night... I know, I know.. when isn't it margarita night...bear with me here.

I do so enjoy a little maraschino cherry lovliness in a drink sometimes.
I used to order my Captain and coke with Cherry coke, and extra cherries.
The kicker in this drink... well you try it out... you might like the zing.

How about a little number I found today, that is very close to what I used to order when Clubbing in the bigger cities.

Our Blogger calls it the Cherry Whiskey Smash.
Doesn't it look nummy?
So... I know the recipe can be gluten free... which means you might like it for a cocktail hour for work. What you need:
- 1 ounce jack daniels
- 1 ounce cherry juice
- 1/2 ounce amaretto
- 1/2 ounce ginger brandy
- 2 ounces cherry cola
- 5 maraschino cherries
(Serves one, is easily multiplied)
check your ingredients, and be sure to tip your bartender... or if you make it at home... make sure to thank yourself for this treat.

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