Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BE Udi Ful - WOW I am in love

One of the challenges of being a Celiac, cardboard bread! You know what I am talking about.
There are lots of option of carboard, or thick pucks of somewhat bread looking substances.
But now, there is delicious bread that isn't so heavy and stuck together, but actually has fluffy air pockets and such in it.
Udi makes a great little loaf of just "can eat it plain" bread.
With jam, almond butter, garlic butter or a little olive oil, this bread is tasty just thawed and made into a sandwich, or toasted to make cinnamon toast.
Better yet, I am sharing with you the new contest they are running.
so share your recipe here, and submit your recipe there... but lets here it for UDI and them finally bringing store bought bread a name we can still enjoy while not always having time to cook.

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