Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Fudge ideas - please read and share - or leave a link to another GF/Nightshade free/DF fudge

I love fudge!
I love cake!
I love the holidays.

Over a decade ago... they became a window shopping experience.
Trying to lose weight you ask?

Why no... in fact, just can't afford the sick days.
So. I explain that while i love chocolate, and milk, and flour and potatoes, and peppermint and all sorts of great lovely holiday things.
I am not able to join the table of Turkey stuffed with "Grandma's giblet stuffing and gravy". Nor can I just have a nibble of the luscious french silk pie his mom brought. Oh lord and let us not go into this past years newest challenge.
Mashed potatoes.... sigh... It has been a year since mashed potatoes left my life.

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