Sunday, November 11, 2012

Less than five minutes ~ Less than five ingredients ~ Less than five supplies ~ 5 star results

Cake *****

Something that makes us mellow.
Some decadence that makes a stoic smile.
Something to make the sweet smile return after a tough day.
Something you need to monitor the intake of as usually eating the whole CAKE by yourself... is bad.

So, this time.
How about a little less guilt, alot more results.

Essential ingredients for a curl up on the couch, or make it and take a break.
Even on the go this is portable as well.
Seriously, how can you go wrong with chocolate cake?


  • 1- spoon
  • 1 - Mug - I like a sizable coffee mug, a soup mug does well too.
  • 1 - Chicken Egg try to use the larger and of course if you can freshest makes the best.
  • 1/4 cup Powdered Sugar *see tip below
  • 2 - Tbls Cocoa - Ah Laska is an awesome cocoa powder.

How is this 5 ingredients you ask?

Well for me to prepare this I simply don't use a measuring spoon, or measuring cups. I use the one spoon to rule them all. That's right the spoon with which I plan on eating the delight.
So I know my larger soup spoons are a tablespoon whn dry material is put on it. Don't level it and you have 2 Tablespoons.
a 1/4 cup?  easy 4 tablespoons

* I pulled out the coffee grinder at an earlier time and put in white sugar. grind fine - espresso setting. TADA! You have a lovely powdered sugar, which I make in batches cause I am NOT buying powdered sugar when white sugar is so cheap.

Directions?   Hmmm
crack egg into mug - if you must use a whisk you won't hurt my feelings... but if you don't have one... just make sure to mix well.
Add powdered sugar, mix.
I might have added cinnamon and nutmet which is the specs you see in the egg/sugar mixture.
Add Cocoa, mix again....
Chocolate lava in the making. remember this is just a soup cup.

a variation in the making of Black Forest Cake - Cherry Pie Filling dollop in the middle

When the mixture is smooth.... microwave for 60 seconds.
let it sit for hmmm maybe 30 seconds.
ALLOW to slightly cool... molten cake on the tongue is sooooo not delicious!
This is why I use the larger coffee mug or soup mug.. cause if you want... after washing off the spoon, you can scoop on some Whipped cream, sour cream, ice cream, cherry pie filling, cinnamon whipped cream, even some greek yogurt... Trust me the cake can stand up to it.

So... if this doesn't have your mouth water.. you are out what?  A buck work of ingredients?  Hmmm... maybe an easy, solution to
  • My best friend is coming over and wants to have girl chic flick night. - I have CAKE!
  • My boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend just left me. Ah, but I have CAKE!
  • My parents just told me to start shopping for myself - I still have CAKE!
  • My oh my... I really would love a nibble of cake, but I can't afford to have that much cake in the house... but a nibble would be nice... I HAVE CAKE!
  • I need a quick birthday cake for the friend I forget was her birthday - as did everyone else. I mad you a CAKE!
5 Things.
5 Minutes.
and a moment of chocolate delight.


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