Sunday, November 11, 2012

need cake - but not the hassle? Part I

I remember a few years ago, reading a blog, and my friends writes her sorrows. She rights about how the last week is just going down the tubes and she wants to make a cake to share, hoping it would make the world a better place. Yet, she realizes she would get to the whip the eggs, or beat the batter, or some such thing, break down crying, and never even get a slice of cake for herself.
I know some of you know portion control is important, and sharing is important, HECK... I know I do.  I honestly just don't feel like making a whole cake to share with people as sometimes finding people to share it with that will come off there diet to share CAKE... *shudder* can in itself be a daunting task.
So, she found a MUG RECIPE.
Yes, one mug of cake is all it takes.
No need to share and no need to go to the store for a Betty Crocker single serving high priced, over preserved, puck of chocolate.

She made me smile.
Perseverance in the search of chocolate is key to the chocoholic members.
So the other day, I was having an exceptionally "woe is me day" and I forlornly thought of the fact that gluten free, dairy free, nightshade free, is $10 a splurge and I don't want 4 servicings. I just want a little treat and don't need the whole BOX OF FREAKING CHOCOLATES thank you Forrest Gump.

I decided to experiment a bit - please link and credit if you are pinning, or cross referencing.

Cocoa/Oat candy bars - 1 day's worth of servings NO MORE... (wink portion control)

1 cup Bob's GF Rolled Oats
3 unleveled (heaping)Tbsp HONEYCOMB - The Old Bohemian Farmer (local farmer's market)
            (yes the whole comb -The Old Bohemian Farmer has a great Raw Honey that I simply adore.
3 Tbsp GF - Organic cocoa Powder Ah laska
1 dash (oh alright about 1/2 teaspoon) GF Vanilla
2 Tbsp soy or almond milk (I used Very Vanilla Silk Soy)

Dollops of Honey comb in the mug first, mush and mash a bit to break it up.
Dump in the oats, roll them around a bit.
Milk next cause you will see that the oat needs some *help* making friends with the rest of the ingredients otherwise.
then the powder... careful to add it slowly or in small amounts or it will "POUF" right out of the mug. (This part... made me laugh the first time I did it.)
When the consistency is questionable... guess what?!?  Add the vanilla extract and mix just a bit more.

take what looks like a mess that isn't making friends, and microwave for 60-90 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave. Bring that steaming mug out, and apply the spoon of doom. No really it all mixes real nice. If not. then add a few more drops of milk to give it a chance.

When you have a rich brown mixture pour out onto a flat wax paper sheet and let cook. Infact put the wax paper on the cutting board, a cookie sheet or even a pizza pan... stick it in the fridge.
Of course your first try you will have to taste test the batch to know when it is really set... so this is why it only makes one day's worth.

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